Chi Aroma Rejuvenation Facial


£85 | €115 - 50min

This deeply relaxing treatment draws on both classic French facial massage and acupressure, which applies finger pressure to the same points Chinese acupuncture targets. These techniques encourage lymphatic drainage, re-define facial contours, and cleanse the body of toxins, which firms up skin tone, reduces puffiness around the eyes and improves skin’s overall appearance. As this ritual transports you into a meditative theta state, your body is encouraged to heal at the deepest level.


Essential oil and antioxidant rich serums – specially blended for the treatment by renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil – are used to enhance and support the treatment. Packed with botanical extracts, these products work to rejuvenate skin by removing toxins, improving circulation and stimulating new skin cells.


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