Clinical Micro-Needling

Collagen Induction Therapy


£285 - 110min



Package options

Set of 3 - £750   Set of 6 - £1400

Clinical micro-needling uses very fine needles to penetrate the upper layers of the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which are responsible for the skin’s firmness, plumpness and elasticity. The treatment improves skin thickness and texture, reduces wrinkles and can help minimise uneven pigmentation. It can even improve scarring – especially from acne – by improving blood flow and stimulating collagen formation.


How it works

The skin is thoroughly cleansed before the application of an anaesthetic cream to ensure the procedure is painless. Next a small, cylindrical device lined with hundreds of miniscule (closely arranged needles) is gently rolled back and forth on the areas of the skin being treated. This perforates the skin with thousands of nearly microscopic, very shallow puncture marks, which leaves an even, faint pattern of miniscule spots that heal quickly.


Your skin may be sensitive and flushed for a day or two after treatment, much like a sunburn, but most people are back to normal within 24 hours. The benefits can be long-lasting. Results from micro-needling are gradual and cumulative. Improvement will continue over the following months. A series of 2 to 3 treatments with 4 to 6 weeks between each treatment gives best results.


Body acupuncture and sound therapy may be incorporated into the treatment to further enhance the results and assist in relaxing the body and restoring your energy.


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