Tuning Fork Facial Rejuvenation


£140 | €195 - 90min

Increased studies affirm a link between acoustic vibrations and physical health. Science has established that healthy cells in the human body vibrate at a different frequency from unhealthy cells and tuning fork therapy aims to recalibrate the vibrational frequency of cells to their 'healthy' default setting. Sound waves travel along energy pathways to reach places not easily accessed by other forms of traditional medicine. Using the principles of Chinese medicine and harnessing the body's meridian and chakric energies, this needle-free therapy exposes acupuncture points to varying frequencies to lift, tone and firm different areas of the face. Combined with essential oils and jade rollering, this is not only an effective treatment for facial rejuvenation, but also a means for wellbeing. This treatment also includes the Chi Aroma Rejuvenation Facial.


“Sickness results when cells, molecules or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern.  By repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies associated with that tissue, healing often occurs, sometimes quite rapidly.”

Dr. Paul Nogier

(French Neurologist , who dedicated his career to studying frequencies of the body)


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